When you sit down to write and just can’t

Have you ever sat down to write be it a short story, poem, or even a blog post and find you can’t think of anything (even though you had a plan)? You stare at the blank paper or computer screen, willing your mind to come to life? 

You had an idea where did it go? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I can tell you it has happened to all of us at one time or another. Writers everywhere have a story to tell about the dreaded writer’s block. Even the name sounds iffy. No one wants to think about it much less go through it. So what can help you with getting over that state of blankness? I’m going to share with you a list of things that seem to work for me. Hopefully, some of these will keep you from giving up. 

  • Go for a walk! Yes, a walk being out in nature relaxes you. This helps me forget all about writing or gives me some ideas. There’s something about being outdoors that just makes you feel better. 
  • Take a long hot bath or show! I find my mind stops trying to over work when I’m in nice hot water. My body is at peace which helps me concentrate better.  I slow down and stop worrying. Total relaxation moment! 

  • Read! This will not only get your mind off your own writing but it will allow you to step into an entirely new world. As you envision this work you may start getting ideas. I find some of my best ideas come when reading. I never steal or copy anyone else’s ideas but it helps me get my creative juices flowing! 

  • People watching! Yes, I said people watching! You may be wondering why I do this and that is a very good question. This allows me to see different people’s personalities, moods, the way they dress and move. They don’t realize they are being watched and so are themselves. I am then able to build characters from them. This can even help with a blog post because often times we are writing about people in one way or another. People watching is a great way to beat writer’s block!  

  • Watching TV! Many people see watching TV as a waste of time and while it can be mind numbing it can also be useful. Just like reading and people watching you can get ideas from what you are seeing! The way the characters talk, walk and deal with different situations. You can even get inspiration from the sets. The color schemes or lay out of the city etc. Watching TV can be a great inspiration for writers.  

  • I’m sure this one is going to be my least popular suggestion but here goes. Playing video games! You read that right! Playing games can have the exact effect on you as reading or watching TV. If you play a game that has great character development you can glean ideas from them. You might even be inspired by the look of a character and use bits and pieces of their looks in your writing. Give it a try one time and see if it helps! 

  • Last but not least talking! Talking to someone who’supportive of you and you can bounce ideas off of is a great idea! They can help walk you through what you’re having trouble with and give you a fresh set of ideas. Often times it is people outside of a situation that sees things the most clear! Find someone whom you can turn to when you need a set of ears and are willing to throw things out there for you. I find doing this helps me tremendously! 

I hope some of these suggestions can help you next time you have writer’s block and are ready to hit your head against the nearest wall. Often times we have writer’s block from overthinking, at least that is the reason in my case! If you have any suggestions of your own leave a comment! 

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