Errors in a Book that has Been Published

This post is going to contain a fear of mine that came true. My biggest fear about my writing is that I would do all the hard work, the actual writing, get some beta readers, an editor and a publisher. Despite that mistakes would get through and they did! I got my first copy of my book today, it was beautiful to behold! I was excited and about ready to cry. I opened it and started scanning and in the first few pages there were, gasp words in sentences that didn’t belong there! I asked myself how, how did those get passed 6-8 pairs of eyes? Where there anymore, if so how many? 

I’m not telling you all this so you would think my work is crappy and make you not want to read it. I’m hoping you will forgive me the mistakes and read it anyway. I’m hoping you’ll say she’s a first-time author and mistakes happen. I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself it was not completely her fault after all it got passed quite a few people. Most of all, however, I hope you know seeing those mistakes in my hard work, my baby crushed me and I felt like a complete failure. I didn’t blame my beta reader, editor or publisher. I blamed myself. I’m the one who wrote it after all.

People are going to see my name on the cover and say wow she missed some things. My fear is they are going to hate my book for some small mistakes. If your not an author it’s hard to imagine how much time, sweat, tears and work it takes to write a book. The time it takes to find beta readers, an editor and most of all a publisher. You put a piece of yourself in every word. I’m not making this post to get pity from all of you. I’m writing this post in the hopes that next time you read a book and find an error you might be a bit forgiving.

My heart literally shattered seeing those errors. I told my husband we needed to cancel the orders I had so it could be fixed. He laughed and said most readers will enjoy the book anyway. Oh, how I hope that is true. Yes, errors may drive you the reader crazy but believe me we don’t do it on purpose. It really disappoints us that some errors got through in our work. Errors hurt us in more ways than one. 

I hated writing this post but it was laying heavily on my heart because well as I said above my fear came true and in the first few pages! I know there are errors in even best-selling author’s books. However, they are best selling authors, of course, people are willing to forgive errors. I ask that you give the same courtesy to smaller time authors. Look past those errors and enjoy the story. I know that there is always going to be people who will complain and nitpick no matter what. That’s okay its life I’m just hoping most of you will think we’re all human they’re only mistakes! 

So I ask you as an author and a reader who looks past errors, don’t pick a writer apart for some errors. Remember they are people too and the odds are those errors slipped passed more than, one person. I really hope despite what I posted here you will still consider reading my book. , of course, was a hard post for me, it makes me feel vulnerable but I shared anyway! I want to share a picture of my book, I took it when it came. I want to share it with you because, despite those errors and my fears, I’m still proud of what I’ve done! 

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