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We as authors always hear how it’s hard to be truly successful at writing. Getting on the best sellers list is really hard. Most of us write because we love it, the numbers don’t matter, being on a bestseller list doesn’t really matter. We write for the love of it but still, there is a part of us who dreams about being successful, wants people to know our names. If you’ve ever felt like giving up don’t! Here are some author success stories that will have you believing anything possible.

Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking has an amazing success story. She was working full time while writing. She self-published all of her books, 17 of them. Hocking went on to sell more then a million copies of her ebooks. I think what made her story stick out to me was the fact she did that while working full time. She was one dedicated woman who had a passion for what she wanted to do. To me, she is to be admired and her story is unbelievable. 

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Irma Rombauer

Irma Rombauer wrote “The Joy of Cooking” with her daughter in 1931 with her daughter. It was an illustrated book that included recipes. I’m pretty sure most of you of you have heard of it. Irma paid half of her life savings to pay a local printing company to print her book. It was a total of 3,000 dollars. That was a lot of money back then and she must have really believed it would be a success. It sold for a dollar a book, still a pretty good price for that day and age. Five years after it was originally printed  Bob-Merrill  Company acquired the rights to it. It has since sold 18 million copies worldwide. How many of your grandmothers had this book in their kitchen? I love this story because it shows love, perseverance and faith can do anything! 

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John Grisham 

John Grisham may be a well-known author now but that wasn’t always the case. He was once a Southern lawyer when he wrote his first book “A Time To Kill” in 1979 after being inspired by “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  He received  28 rejections before going to a small publishing house and printing off 5,000 copies of his book. He sold enough that he got picked up by Doubleday publishing and has since gone on to sell millions of copies of his books as a bestselling author. 

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Beatrix Potter

You may know Beatrix Potter as the author of “Peter Rabbit” but what you may not know is she was rejected several times before getting success. She self-published in 1901 and Frederick  Warne &Co decided to pick it up after rejecting it at first. They also published 22 more of her books. Each year 2 million copies of her books are sold. This is proof that if you don’t give up and put in the work you can succeed as well. 

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There are of course other success stories that are pretty unbelievable but these were my favorite. It’s true that not every author gets huge success but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe you can or shouldn’t try. Keep writing and have faith, one day you may be one of these stories. 

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