Month: December 2018

I am making this post because I have had 3-4 people tell my they get a survey pop up when trying to access my blog. I have researched this issue and have found that it may have to do with adware on their computer. This was a concern for me and I wanted to address it so this is the purpose for this blog post. If you have ever tried to access a website my blog included and gotten the survey message it may not be the website fault. I am adding links to a few websites that may be able to help you figure out why this may be happening. http://

I just wanted my readers to know I was taking their concerns seriously and that I looked into the issue. Thanks to everyone who let me know about this issue and wanted them to know I looked into it. I am not saying that what these links are saying is 100% the problem but maybe following the steps may help.

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I wanted to tell you about Booktasters a company that allows you to become a book reviewer or affiliate. I LOVE them, they are an amazing company to do reviews for! You can look on their Twitter account to see what books they have available to read and pick which book you want to read so you can review it. There are many reasons to review book for Booktasters 1. the books are free to read and review. Keep in mind that they are ebook copies. 2. You can help authors by not only reading their books but giving them honest feedback on their work and help them improve. 3. You can help others find books they may want to buy by posting your reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, social media and more! You are literally the online reference for these books! 4. You can get in on competitions to win prices and become more aware about amazing books you may otherwise have missed.

When I recently joined I didn’t know just how much I would enjoy being a part of Booktasters. I get to read books that I love and I get to be the voice to let others know about these authors and their work! I also think the competitions are just an added bonus to an already amazing opportunity! If you love reading and you like giving reviews on books you read this would be a great fit for you! If this sounds like something you would love to do follow this link to be a reviewer If you also want to be an affiliate and trust me, you won’t regret it follow my link here to sign up

Also, you can go to their Twitter account and ask to become a Booktasters author and get your book reviewed. So many ways to get involved with a company that loves book and authors!

Image of the Booktasters logo

Join me as an affiliate today and help lead other affiliates and book reviewers to the best book review program around! 


Yes, pens or pencils!As an author I get ideas everywhere and it’s always nice to have a lot of pens and pencil lying around. I seriously don’t know a writer who will say no to either of these as as gift. Me personally I don’t even care if they are expensive just give me some pens! 

pencil and pencil on container


Remember how I said I get ideas everywhere? Well, when a writer gets an idea they need something to write it on. Notebooks would be much appreciated by an author. Mini ones would be loved since they fit in just about any bag. Get us as many as you want! 

gray and black fountain pen and book


I think this one is a given! Most authors are also readers! We will never say no to a good book! Learn what the writer on your list likes to read and buy them a couple!

stack of six brown hardbound books

Aqua Notes

This takes the notebook one step further. The writer on your list will be able to write notes in their shower or the rain! It comes with forty sheets and an aqua pen. I think this will be a fun gift any author would love. 

AquaNotes® - Waterproof Notepad for Writing in Water.  Waterproof paper

Novel Teas

This is a really cute idea for tea lovers who happen to be writers. They come with quotes from books. The receiver gets a quote and a cup of tea. What is better then that? 

Jane Austen Socks

I love Jane Austen and would love a pair of these! They are cute and I think many writers wouldn’t mind having a pair, even if they don’t necessarily wear them.

The Writer’s Toolbox

Packed with activities and games to help the writer get inspiration. I think this will be a much loved gift that will be used right away! 


If you want to spend a little bit more for the writer on your list, I don’t know anyone who would say no to a new laptop or tablet. Seriously we are on a device a lot and it would mean the world to get a new one! 

turned off silver MacBook Pro near succulent plant