Some People Have Experienced a Survey Pop up When They Try to Access My Blog

I am making this post because I have had 3-4 people tell my they get a survey pop up when trying to access my blog. I have researched this issue and have found that it may have to do with adware on their computer. This was a concern for me and I wanted to address it so this is the purpose for this blog post. If you have ever tried to access a website my blog included and gotten the survey message it may not be the website fault. I am adding links to a few websites that may be able to help you figure out why this may be happening. http://

I just wanted my readers to know I was taking their concerns seriously and that I looked into the issue. Thanks to everyone who let me know about this issue and wanted them to know I looked into it. I am not saying that what these links are saying is 100% the problem but maybe following the steps may help.

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