Back in the Grind and an Update on My New Book

Hey, all my readers! It has been a while and for that, I apologize! The holidays, kids being sick, working out my 2019 blog schedule and life has kept me busy! I am back to the grind and will be making regular posts again! I have missed you all and I have plans for a lot of exciting blog topics for you all! I want to give a quick update on the course I have planned on making for all of you! I do still plan on doing it but I am learning how to make it the best course I can, it’s coming this year though so stay tuned! Alright, now with all that out of the way we can get down to business!

I wanted to give you all an update on my newest book because many of you have been inquiring on my social media accounts. I have finished the first draft of the book and am working on rough edits. There are some timeline issues I need to fix and of course punctuation and spelling. I don’t tend to pay attention to that while I am in the groove of writing so I know something need to be fixed. I am hoping to have it to my editor within a month or so. Cue my happy dance!

This book is going to be a little longer then the first one and still as yet untitled but it’s coming together! I will be sharing more updates with you my dear readers as the process comes along. I plan on making the book available to all of you by the end of the year! This is going to be the second book of my series, I plan on it being a five book series. I can’t wait for all of you to read it and I truly hope you enjoy it! Before I sign off for this post I would also like to ask you to hop on over to this website and vote for my book please! I am up for an award! YAY!

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I appreciate your support and for following my blog. All the comments, pins and shares are so awesome and make me feel loved! Thank you all so very much!

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