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Hey everyone! I wanted to drop in and say I know it has been way too long since I wrote a new blog post! Right after I posted that I was going to be redesigning the blog life got out of hand. I’ve been dealing with sick kids, homeschooling my son, finding out we’re expecting again and so much more! Life really got in the way! I’ll be back to posting all about writing now though. I’m going to get redesigning underway and hope that life stays this slow for a while! If you’ve been checking for new posts thank you for sticking around! I appreciate you! Look for another writing post soon!

Hi everyone! How is your Sunday? I am just dropping by to do a quick post to say sorry it’s been so long! Life has been crazy busy for me lately! I also wanted to let you all know my blog will have a new look soon! We are going to be changing something because it’s been brought to my attention that some things may be broken or not working properly for some readers. I cannot wait to unveil the new look! Thank you for following me and making suggestions and comments!

Today I wanted to make a post about reviews! This is going to be a shot post! I just want to get to the point. Getting reviews is so very important to authors because they are used to help get other potential readers interested in books. Aside from buying and reading the book(s) the best gift you can give an author is a review. An honest, well thought out review can help an author just as much as a purchase. If you read a book, leave a review! I have found that most readers don’t know what good a review will do but believe me it can help get that author’s books into other people’s hands! I have also heard readers say “What if I don’t like the book? Won’t a bad review hurt an author?” The truth is even a bad review can help! I’m being serious, some people read a book because they are wondering what the other person found so bad about it. Any and all review help an author help!

So, next time you finish a book take a few minutes to share your thoughts. It may be small to you but to the person who wrote the book, it will mean the absolute world! The more details you provide the better, this will give other people an idea of what the book is about, what you genuinely thought, and if this may be a book they will want to read! So, I repeat please be kind and leave a review! Thank you!

As an author I have often asked myself this question, how do readers decide what book to read? I know what draws me to a book. The cover is the first thing to catch my eye, followed by the blurb. I know that may not be true for everyone so I asked my blog followers and friends on social media what makes them decide to read a book. While about 10 people said the cover was what attracted them first, I did get some varied answers. I will share them in this post but will not be using the names of the people who provided the answers unless they gave me permission to do so.

Rich said:
Different things. I like a well told adventure story is my favorite fiction.

So while different thing draw him to a book by his answer he is most likely to pick up an adventure story. Genre is what makes him pick the type of book he reads.

Another of my readers had this to say:

 I read a lot of books and the first thing that attracts me is the cover. Attractive covers catch my eyes. Then I check the genre and read the back cover to get an insight of the theme. All in all, I read all genres.

So while she has no is drawn in by the cover first she ultimately chooses to read the book due to the blurb.

Yet another reader had this to say:
I like a lot of historical fiction or classic novels so I usually use good reads to narrow down books I might like to read. I go to the library a lot so I just look for those books or if there is a cover or title that catches my eye while I’m there I will usually scan over the back cover or couple pages to see if it sounds interesting.

This person has a genre preference as well! She usually reads historical fiction so typically she will read that genre. However, if a book catches her eye due to the cover she will then read the blurb. Meaning if it is not in the genre she usually read, she is interested in the cover of a book first.

Danica said:
This is a very hard but a very good question. My shoe shopping addiction is now a book addiction. So I buy and buy books without finishing them all. Why? Simply because the book’s words failed to connect to my soul. I stopped checking the cover. The title is important too but sometimes, even if the title and the blurb were so captivating but after reading the first few lines, I would just put it down and say, it is just a waste of money. I need to at least read the first few pages. Having a nice cover, title and blurb sometimes just can’t justify the reason to which books to read. Now, it’s the title and the first few pages of the book. It is okay to use my name should you decide to publish my answer. 😊

So, even though she may be attracted to the cover and blurb the most important thing to her is if the book can keep her interest in the first few pages. If it can’t she doesn’t care about how attractive the cover or blurb is.

As an author, I find these answers interesting because it gives me insight into my readers or potential readers. I have gotten to know their personal preferences better and can take them into consideration as I write my book, design a cover, and write the blurb. I find it fascinating the way different people go about choosing a book. What draws you to a book? Share in the comments!

I love reading, it is part of my daily routine. I think books can make a significant impact on a person. I also think as a writer reading can only make you stronger. Not just because it helps with inspiration but because I am able to see the difference showing and telling and I can see proper grammar usage (because as much as I hate to admit it I make mistakes sometimes.) I have a lot of books I like to read but like everyone else I have books that made a lasting impression on me. Today, I want to share 5 books that have made a deep impression on me and why. So, let’s jump right in and get started on the list!

  1. Pride and Prejudice
Image result for pride and prejudice cover

I can hear the groans now, it happens every time I mention this book. However, it really did make a deep lasting impression on me. Most people I talk to about Pride and Prejudice see a love story and that is true. It is a love story but it is so much more! It is about social class and shattering them. It is about a young woman who refused to be bound by the confounds of her sex. It is about a woman who refused to stand by and allow others to be bullied and wronged! Elizabeth Bennet is the kind of woman I hope to be someday! Intelligent and not easy to intimidate.

Even in the face of ridicule, she stayed true to who she was, her morals and her virtues. She saw wrong and called it out! She stood by her family even when she was embarrassed by them. She was never swayed by money even when others around her were. Liza only fell in love with her future husband when she saw the beauty in him, the beauty inside not on the outside. For me, this book is so much more than a love story. It is about a young woman finding her own way in a world that tells women what to do and who to be. I am always shocked when people say this book is boring, it’s so amazing!

2. Where the Red Fern Grows

Image result for where the red fern grows

So much I can say about this book! Friendship, trust, love, perseverance, and loyalty. Billy and his relationship with his dogs Old Dan and Little Ann is so deep. They aren’t just dogs to him they are his friends and family. His determination to not only get the dogs but to make them the best coon dogs is to be admired. This is one of the only books that has ever made me cry! It is so beautifully told! The love Old Dan and Little Ann feel for Billy is deeper then the love most dogs have for their owners. When the dogs tree a mountain lion and Billy tries to save them but the dogs come to his rescue instead. As a child I was so saddened by this scene. Old Dan dying the next day still makes me tear up.

This book is full of symbolism least which is the red fern . It symbolizes the spirit of Billy’s beloved dogs and the impact they had on him. I still cannot pick this book up without visions of Billy going hunting the “ghost coon” with his companions. This book is a must read for anyone and will always be on my top 5 favorite books. It’s beautifully told with imagery that will haunt you forever. I still smile at the thought of an adult Billy at the beginning of the book seeing the old hound and recalling his best friends. I try to read this book at least once a year. This is truly one of the best books ever written in my opinion.

3. Frankenstein

Image result for frankenstein book cover

Frankenstein is a beautiful tale of madness, Secrecy, appearances, family, acceptance, and free will among others. I love this book! Victor Frankenstein is messing with science he doesn’t seem to quite understand. When he creates his monster he sees the ugly side of society, the lies, deceit, and distrust of people. He brings into the world an anguished being who can never belong, who will forever be on the fringes of society judged for the way he looks. Victor is so horrified by his creation he leaves his home and runs to a friend. There is he sickened with a fever. He wants to return to his family in Geneva to regain his health. Before departing however he learns his brother has been killed. He sees the monster and instantly blames him for his brother’s murder and he grows more suspicious after learning a girl named Justine is accused of the murder.

The monster admits to Victor’s brother’s murder and begs forgiveness. The monster pleads for a mate and soon Victor relents and sets out to make him one. While in the process Victor is frightened at the prospect of what he is once again doing and destroys the monster’s mate. It is at this point the monster swears he will get revenge. The monster kills victor’s fiance and the two set off to destroy each other. When at long last Victor catches up to the monster, the ice beneath them cracks and falls, there is a rift separating them. Victor dies shortly after, never getting to extract revenge on his monster.

I gave more of a description on this book than the others because there is just so much going on it is better to describe it with the story itself. This book horrified and intrigued me. It is at once a book about love and acceptance and a book about hate and revenge. The scenes are beautiful and dark, told with imagery that will bring them to live. Frankenstein is easily in my top 2 favorite books. It is set in a world much like our own but so vastly different. It’s a great read and I hope everyone reads it at least once.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

Image result for to kill a mockingbird

I read this book for the first time when I was in the 6th grade. I have never forgotten it, it is such a touching tale. This book explores human nature and morals. It is told by Scout a little girl who believes everyone is good until she sees someone unjustly accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Tom Robinson is accused of rape but he is innocent, he serves as one of the mockingbirds in the book. He is the goodness that will ultimately be destroyed by evil. When Tom is accused of this heinous crime Atticus Scouts’ father represents him in court. A white man representing an accused black man is unheard of and shakes the community to its core. Boo Radley is another mockingbird in the book used to teach Scout and her brother Jem that differences aren’t always bad. Scout had many imaginings about the disturbed boy that is mistreated by his father. Boo saves Scout and Jem and shows them that he is a good soul living in a world that has been undoubtedly cruel to him and Scout begins to learn that goodness, allies, and morals lie in the unlikeliest of places.

There is prejudice that runs deep within its pages but so does love, kindness, loyalty, and friendship. My heart was shattered when Tom died trying to escape prison and it left me feeling that justice wasn’t served even if Boo came to the children’s rescue. I felt that by doing that Harper Lee was saying see the innocent man may have died but it’s all better because the two kids get to live. You come away feeling like maybe nothing was really learned by accusing an innocent man and sending him to prison to die (at least that was how it was for me). This is an amazing book to teach children about morals, racism, justice, the lack of justice and human nature. This book has forever changed the way I look at the world and it is still very relevant today.

5. The Strange Ce of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Image result for dr jekyll and mr hyde

This book left me feeling the same way Frankenstein did both intrigued and horrified. Dr. Jekyll gives into his monstrous side Mr Hyde and kills people. He is the very face of human duality, good and evil, right and wrong. He decided one day to separate his good self from his dark impulses, learning about a potion that transforms him into a deformed conscience free creature periodically. At first Dr. Jekyll is happy to be Hyde and leave behind his good morals and reputation. Soon however he discovers he is turning into Hyde against his will while he sleeps. He just accepts he is going to turn into Hyde forever and he goes out one night and violently kills . He is resolved to never turn into the monster again and for a time is successful, until he transforms into Hyde during the day while awake. Hyde is becoming stronger and Jekyll weaker.

Jekyll recruits a friend by the name Lanyon’s help but when he turns into Hyde in front of him the shock kills Lanyon. Jekyll cuts himself off from the world, no longer sociable and respectable. When he runs out of potion that allows him to transform from one to the other he kills himself, it is in his Hyde form he is found by his friends. I know I badly described this book and there is so, so much more to it but it is so involved describing everything would have been too long for this post. This book is disturbing because I think almost everyone can relate with wanting to rid ourselves of our dark urges and some of us may have even given into them from time to time. We can and have all been Mr. Hyde at some point in our lives. Our reputation tarnished by one instance. Dr. Jekyll will not be remembered for himself but for the monster he became and died as. It is hauntingly too real and close to home. This book was actually scary for me as a child because it felt like I saw Mr. Hyde’s everyday hiding as Dr. Jekyll’s. It speaks to us as a society and that can be very scary.

These are my top 5 books that made a lasting impression on me. What books have stuck with you and why? What would be your top 5? Share in the comments!

Hey, all my readers! It has been a while and for that, I apologize! The holidays, kids being sick, working out my 2019 blog schedule and life has kept me busy! I am back to the grind and will be making regular posts again! I have missed you all and I have plans for a lot of exciting blog topics for you all! I want to give a quick update on the course I have planned on making for all of you! I do still plan on doing it but I am learning how to make it the best course I can, it’s coming this year though so stay tuned! Alright, now with all that out of the way we can get down to business!

I wanted to give you all an update on my newest book because many of you have been inquiring on my social media accounts. I have finished the first draft of the book and am working on rough edits. There are some timeline issues I need to fix and of course punctuation and spelling. I don’t tend to pay attention to that while I am in the groove of writing so I know something need to be fixed. I am hoping to have it to my editor within a month or so. Cue my happy dance!

This book is going to be a little longer then the first one and still as yet untitled but it’s coming together! I will be sharing more updates with you my dear readers as the process comes along. I plan on making the book available to all of you by the end of the year! This is going to be the second book of my series, I plan on it being a five book series. I can’t wait for all of you to read it and I truly hope you enjoy it! Before I sign off for this post I would also like to ask you to hop on over to this website and vote for my book please! I am up for an award! YAY!

Image may contain: text

I appreciate your support and for following my blog. All the comments, pins and shares are so awesome and make me feel loved! Thank you all so very much!

I am making this post because I have had 3-4 people tell my they get a survey pop up when trying to access my blog. I have researched this issue and have found that it may have to do with adware on their computer. This was a concern for me and I wanted to address it so this is the purpose for this blog post. If you have ever tried to access a website my blog included and gotten the survey message it may not be the website fault. I am adding links to a few websites that may be able to help you figure out why this may be happening. http://

I just wanted my readers to know I was taking their concerns seriously and that I looked into the issue. Thanks to everyone who let me know about this issue and wanted them to know I looked into it. I am not saying that what these links are saying is 100% the problem but maybe following the steps may help.

This post contains affiliate links please see my privacy policy 

I wanted to tell you about Booktasters a company that allows you to become a book reviewer or affiliate. I LOVE them, they are an amazing company to do reviews for! You can look on their Twitter account to see what books they have available to read and pick which book you want to read so you can review it. There are many reasons to review book for Booktasters 1. the books are free to read and review. Keep in mind that they are ebook copies. 2. You can help authors by not only reading their books but giving them honest feedback on their work and help them improve. 3. You can help others find books they may want to buy by posting your reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, social media and more! You are literally the online reference for these books! 4. You can get in on competitions to win prices and become more aware about amazing books you may otherwise have missed.

When I recently joined I didn’t know just how much I would enjoy being a part of Booktasters. I get to read books that I love and I get to be the voice to let others know about these authors and their work! I also think the competitions are just an added bonus to an already amazing opportunity! If you love reading and you like giving reviews on books you read this would be a great fit for you! If this sounds like something you would love to do follow this link to be a reviewer If you also want to be an affiliate and trust me, you won’t regret it follow my link here to sign up

Also, you can go to their Twitter account and ask to become a Booktasters author and get your book reviewed. So many ways to get involved with a company that loves book and authors!

Image of the Booktasters logo

Join me as an affiliate today and help lead other affiliates and book reviewers to the best book review program around! 


Yes, pens or pencils!As an author I get ideas everywhere and it’s always nice to have a lot of pens and pencil lying around. I seriously don’t know a writer who will say no to either of these as as gift. Me personally I don’t even care if they are expensive just give me some pens! 

pencil and pencil on container


Remember how I said I get ideas everywhere? Well, when a writer gets an idea they need something to write it on. Notebooks would be much appreciated by an author. Mini ones would be loved since they fit in just about any bag. Get us as many as you want! 

gray and black fountain pen and book


I think this one is a given! Most authors are also readers! We will never say no to a good book! Learn what the writer on your list likes to read and buy them a couple!

stack of six brown hardbound books

Aqua Notes

This takes the notebook one step further. The writer on your list will be able to write notes in their shower or the rain! It comes with forty sheets and an aqua pen. I think this will be a fun gift any author would love. 

AquaNotes® - Waterproof Notepad for Writing in Water.  Waterproof paper

Novel Teas

This is a really cute idea for tea lovers who happen to be writers. They come with quotes from books. The receiver gets a quote and a cup of tea. What is better then that? 

Jane Austen Socks

I love Jane Austen and would love a pair of these! They are cute and I think many writers wouldn’t mind having a pair, even if they don’t necessarily wear them.

The Writer’s Toolbox

Packed with activities and games to help the writer get inspiration. I think this will be a much loved gift that will be used right away! 


If you want to spend a little bit more for the writer on your list, I don’t know anyone who would say no to a new laptop or tablet. Seriously we are on a device a lot and it would mean the world to get a new one! 

turned off silver MacBook Pro near succulent plant

I not only like to write, but I also like to read. I also love to tell others about amazing books I am reading. Today I am going to share with you 22 up and coming authors you should add to your bookshelf. I will highlight one book by each. Be sure to check them out and give them a try! 

Too Much Information 

By: Dale Britton 

Gabe has the ability to know what people are doing just by thinking about them. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re up to. He’s learned a lot of secrets, and all of this knowledge is ruining his life. On the plus side, he’s unbeatable at hide-and-seek. When a little girl goes missing, Gabe uses his powers to find her, which brings a hope of purpose to his life. He thinks he might be able to use his ability to help people, like a real-life superhero. But when the wrong people find out what he can do, his life spirals into a nightmare from which he may never escape.

This book will draw you in and take you on an adventure! Are his powers a blessing or a curse? Will he be able to best the people who want to use him for his powers? You will need to pick up this thrilling book your self to find out!  You can buy it at this link:

Here is more about Dale Britton: 

Dale Britton is a high school math and computer science teacher and the father of three incredible girls, and has thus experienced his fair share of drama during the last twenty years. It was only natural that his lifelong love of books and reading would eventually develop into a passion for writing. His literary tastes lean toward the creepy and sensational, though he doesn’t mind a bit of romance as well. He currently lives in Arlington, Texas with his beautiful family and his faithful dog and equally faithful chinchilla. His first novel “Watching Amy” was released Summer, 2017. His second novel, “The World I Know” will be released at Christmas, 2017.


By: Paige P. Carranza 

Merely five months into the year and the twenty-fifth school shooting in the United States has taken place. Today, the shooter was Graham Parker, a senior at LeValle High. The aftermath of the shooting has left students, residents, first responders and even Graham’s own mother in a state of shock as they are forced to return to life only hours after losing thirty-six people at the hands of the gunman. TRIGGERED peeks into the evening hours of the witnesses after experiencing the most horrific day of their lives. How do they pick up the pieces and face tomorrow after a day like today?

This one is bound to play with your emotions! Written from multiple view points Triggered shows you the aftermath of a school shooting from the eyes of the witnesses and the shooters own mother. It is raw and the story feels ripped right from a headline. This is a must have for your bookshelf! Here is the link to buy:

 Falling for a Duke (Romancing Scotland Book 1)

By:  J M Riley 

A Cinderella story to melt anyone’s heart. 

Living with the demands of her mother and brother, Bella hasn’t known genuine love since the death of her father. 

Against his sister’s advice and constant meddling, The Duke of Starthberg is willing to risk his title to find true love, a thing his sister insists doesn’t exist.

A visit from a charming masked woman during Gretna’s annual gala, which includes a masked ball courtesy of his sister, may have proven the Duke right. But as the clock strikes midnight, the lass in question disappears. Only her mask is left behind.

In his quest, to find the beauty behind the mask, he meets and falls in love with Bella, the owner of another Husky stud.

Unbeknown to him that the two women may be one lass, the duke must choose the one he loves the most.

Yet, Bella’s mother has her own set of wicked plans. Can Bella break free to claim her man, or will her mother destroy all of her happiness?

Now has a gold quality mark.


Do you love romance? How about romance that reads just like Cinderella? Falling for a Duke is right up your alley! Go along with our Bella as she tries to get away from her mother and brother. After she attends a masked ball she may be able to just do that through love! A romantic adventure that shows, that love exist and you can find it if you’re looking! Here is the link to buy:

Here is more about J M Riley: 

Persecuting Abi is my debut novel, but not my first written. I had to write a children’s book as part of my English GCSE and gained top marks. This lead to me being one of the ones picked, to read it at the local nursery, earning me a glowing report. I haven’t written since, until last year, when I decided I’d had enough of this story going around my head and put it to paper, (or computer).

When not writing I’m probably at my day job. My interests include spending time with my pets, reading, photography and walking. 

I live in the West Midlands, England.

Water & Fire (The Dragon Pillars Book 1)

By:  Sanzaki Kojika 

There is a legend that everyone knows- the legend of the Dragon Pillars. Every several hundred years, darkness befalls the land. The Dragons awaken and choose their Pillars, humans strong enough to withstand their powers, and together they drive back the darkness. 

In the towering cathedral of Vivdaugas, students flock to study the archives built upon the legend and train to reach the glory of its heroes. Garred Conway is preparing for his test to become a true Defender when a storm threatens to destroy the citadel, and the land around it. Trapped in the catacombs, desperate to save those he cares for, he finds help from the most surprising place- the Water Dragon Aysu. Now, as Aysu’s new pillar, he finds himself with more responsibility thrust on him than he could have ever imagined.

This fantasy book is a must read! If you like dragons and legends don’t miss out on this beauty! Follow Garred as he becomes a hero with a surprising ally! This book will grip you from the first page and you won’t put it down! Here is the link to buy:

More about Sanzaki Kojika

Fawn Szymoniak, aka “Sanzaki Kojika” has been a resident of the fantasy world from a young age, growing up in a house full of books and mythology. Her mother introduced her to fantasy works by authors like Barbara Hambly and Terry Brooks. By the age of 8, she had already written her first novel (albeit crudely). On top of her writing, she is also a freelance graphic designer. She has several graphic novels self-published, including her ongoing webcomic series “Zos Kias,” at 11 volumes in 2018, with a new one each year.

Ebony’s Legacy: Keeping The Legacy Alive 

By:  A.D. Whittington 

In a day and time when it was unpopular for a woman to be strong and a man to be sensitive, Faith Edwards and Vayne Lafitte were both. They met by coincidence. Or was it? A love story for the ages. 

In the Deep South, women were to be seen and not heard. Being from a prominent Southern family, Faith knew the pressures of being wed. She also knew that she would never marry unless it was for love. She was not one to be controlled. Dealing with an overbearing cousin, since childhood, proved to be more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. 

Vayne Lafitte was a man with secrets and character. A pirate in secret and helping the poor was what his life was about, until he spotted the beautiful red haired beauty by the creek. He did not know how his life would be changed, by a chance meeting in a little bookstore. 

Faith thought she was looking for independence however when she met him, she realized that she wanted him to teach her so much more, even if it killed her. 

Another for the romance lover on your list. People who have read this book call it the best romance book they’ve read. Join Faith and Vayne as they learn how to accept who they are, he a sensative man in a time when men can’t afford to be and her a strong woman when women are expected to be demure. They come together and learn that what they thought they wanted may not be that after all. A romance that you will find hard to put down. Here is the link to buy:

More about A.D. Whittington:

Born in Mobile, AL and raised in the small town of Silas AL. I had the cliche of “Big dreams in a small town.” No dream is to big. Follow your dreams and always love one another.

Apex Five (The Plane Book 1)

By: Sarah Katz

For millennia, the people of the Plane have worshipped five megaliths as relics of the mysterious Zaam. In recent years, the nation of Tabira has employed remarkably advanced technology to subjugate the entire Plane and eradicate all belief in the Zaam. 

Now, the three remaining nations must uncover the secret behind Tabira’s sudden forward leap in civilization. At the forefront, a doctor, three intelligence officers and a freedom fighter embark on their respective journeys to restore a balance of power to the Plane.

Apex Five is a great book if you love fantasy and Sci Fiction. Take an adventure to find out why one civilization is leaping forward in technology and the others are being left behind. Why don’t the people of Tabira believe in the Zaam anymore? Our heroes are going to find out and you’re invited to journey along with them! Get this for your Scifi lover today! Here is the link to buy:

A Kris Medford Mystery- Two Sides of Every Face

By: Athur Padilla 

Kris Medford arrives in Santa Fe, New Mexico shortly after she agrees to take a job running a small family foundation. She finds herself quickly embroiled in a situation where a mysterious man is coming for her and is intent on finding the answers he has been paid to get. Without a real plan or any real understanding of how she finds herself on the gun end of a sinister character, Kris comes face to face with Brian Fielding. When she is actually confronted and captured by Brian she explodes and her real potential is both frightening and revealing. Her actions and the confusion she causes put Kris on the radar of a silent group of underworld “do-gooders.” This group of women actively identifies and recruits women, worldwide, who present with certain gifts and they want Kris for reasons Kris would not even understand. In the end, what seems like mishap and circumstance, results in the larger understanding that Kris and all the women involved have been intentionally manipulated to be part of this group. Kris finds her power, her strength, and her capacity as she confronts her nemesis in Brian while wrestling her own internal demons. 

This mystery will put you at the edge of your seat and keep you wanting more! Join Kris as she tries to find out who the woman of the secret group trying to recruit her are and as she faces her own demons. You’ll be asking for more when you finish this one! Here are the links to buy:


By: Roy Jeffers

The Writings of a Madman is a series of books that contain Poetry and short stories from deep within a devastated mind. But as you read these books it has a beautiful message to find…one where beauty comes from devastation. And a Rich man could save the world if he had God’s revelation. As a book is mainly about the fantasyland in my brain. From a cowboy who rescues people from a crashed train. To an evil biker who started a civil war as his hypnotic world drove every boy insane. As it’s also lined with beautiful poetry that will touch your heart. To amazing poetry that unites two worlds as they are not too far apart. As I share my gift from God I met friend after friend. With your help, these words will never come to an end. 

Poetry lovers are going to enjoy this book! Each poem and short story will leave you asking for one more! Here is the link to buy:


By: Christopher Clawson 

Is it too much to ask to have a man, a partner, be faithful to you and love you for the rest of your life? Benjamin Delacroix doesn’t think so.

Delacroix stems from two love stories connected by a cabin on a lake and a simple rowboat. 

After Benjamin leaves his cheating partner of six years he finds a new life and love on Higgins Lake.

Later in life Kit steps out of the closet and follows his dream and love to Higgins Lake, leaving his wife and family to live and be his own true and authentic self.

The two stories come together in a cabin on a clear and crystal blue lake as well as a rowboat called, Delacroix. 

But like all stories, it’s never as easy as it appears.

 If you are looking for romance that features two men as the central characters you have come to the right place. One leaves a cheating partner, the other accepts himself for who he is. They find each other at a cabin and finally fine true love! This one will be hard to put down! Get it now for one who likes LGBTQ romance, they will be bound to love it! Here are the links to buy:

A Friend I didn’t Know

By: Harel R. Lawrence 

Young Adult fiction – 178 pages

Youth Pastor Brian Hanson knows loss. He’s lived with it since his daughter’s suicide. Instead of wallowing in his grief, he’s devoted his life to educating young people about the hazards of bullying.

Johnny is an outcast among his peers. Born into a troubled family, taunted at school, and struggling to find his place in the world, the despondent young man believes there’s no hope for him. His skewed beliefs push him to contemplate the unthinkable, but Pastor Brian isn’t prepared to allow another child to end his life.

Patricia is the epitome of the girl-next-door. Beautiful, full of life, skilled cheerleader, she’s adored by all. Girls want to be her. Boys want to be with her. But not every aspect of her life is perfect. Her star quarterback boyfriend lives life on the wild side. One mistake in the dark of night changes her life forever.

Three lives. Each touched by tragedy. Each craving something greater. Can they find peace, happiness, and a new zest for life after so much loss?

This book will rip at your heart and make you feel Brain Hanson’s pain. It follows him as he deals with his daughter’s suicide and devotes his life to helping young people know the hazards of bullying. Even though it’s fiction it will feel all to real. There are resources in the back about violence and bullying. This book will make you finish it from beginning to end without putting it down! Here is the link to buy:

More about Harel R.Lawrence:

Creeping up on the melancholy of soul is Harel R. Lawrence’s ultimate guide through a man’s spiritual odyssey called “Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul”. This book is followed by another three called “Skye’s High Fly’n Adventures: How Skye Gets his Name”, “Riding on the Hearts of Love”, and “Surviving the Night”. All three of which explore different aspects of life with something significant to give back to the readers.

Harel R. Lawrence has been taken by the art of writing ever since he was a teenager in high school. He read most of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Mark Twain. He got his first shot at getting published when he was part of the Future Farmers of America and published his very first article. As with all writers, Mr. Lawrence uses writing as a way of expression, an outlet for his thoughts and emotions, and an escape from the mundanity of life. All Mr. Lawrence’s characters usually possess one of his significant character traits.

The passion for writing ignited when Mr.. Lawrence’s first book got published. He realized he had the special gift of creating art out of words and it encouraged him to share his thoughts with others hoping his poetry and stories could make a difference. One of his poems – published in his first book – inspired him to search for the enlightened path. He discovered himself and went back to the church for spiritual cleansing, and then he pursued his path into writing motivational thoughts.

Harel R. Lawrence writes about a man’s spiritual journey through times of weakness and inspires a personal change in readers to see past the glitter and search for inner peace. His writings are a bouquet of spiritual guidance and inspiration that act as a beacon for all those people who are a little lost, a little misguided. His books are a friend in times of weakness and failure, and a guide in times of fear.

You can learn more about the author and his work here:

Reflections of Memories 

By: Tessa Jones

Richard Malone and Caroline Sue Miller are born on the same day to parents who live on opposite sides of the societal fences in a small coal-mining town of western Pennsylvania. Despite the economic differences between their families, the two children become best friends, and their unexpected friendship eventually blossoms into forbidden love.

In order to be together and escape their bleak, small town opportunities, they leave the security of their homes and settle in New Jersey where their future is a blank slate. As Richard and Caroline make their way through life, their choices often veer their love off course, but the bond they share has deep roots that continually pull them together again.

This tale of family, friendship, and love incorporates the historical events and cultural changes of the tumultuous 1900s while following the course of one couple whose connection is stronger than class or circumstance. Whether youre sailing through youthful days or enjoying your golden years, Reflection of Memories will capture your heart and remind you of what is truly important in life.

A romance historical fictional rolled into one. Follow Richard and Caroline as they leave the only life they’ve ever known and try to make it together in the world. Their bond will be tested but it proves strong. You are sure to fall in love with these two and their story! Here is the link to buy:

More about Tessa Jones: 


Tesa Jones is an Elon University alumna, retired teacher, wife, and mother of two. Although she lived most of her life in Alexandria, Virginia, she now resides in Mooresville, North Carolina. She is very active in her church, adores her grandchildren, and enjoys boating, writing, and photography. 

Reflection of Memories is the first novel in The Malone Family Saga. Cobwebs of Time is the second in the series. Ms. Jones’ novels merge social issues, cultural changes and American history with well-defined characters and poignant love stories that grab you by the heart, insert you into the pages of the book and remind you what is truly important in life.

You can learn more at the following links:

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag: A Novel of the Golden Age of Piracy

By: Ian Nathaniel Cohen 

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag: A Novel of the Golden Age of Piracy by [Cohen, Ian Nathaniel]

Michael McNamara has one last chance to fight for king and country.

His once-promising career in tatters, McNamara leaves the newly-United Kingdom behind in search of a new life. With no other skills but the sword, he joins forces with a pirate turned pirate hunter determined to rid the Caribbean of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag once and for all. 

Eager for the adventure and a worthy cause to fight for, McNamara pits himself against treacherous seas and battle-hardened buccaneers…and uncovers an international conspiracy that threatens thousands of lives.

The Golden Age of Piracy is about to end…but not without one final reckoning.

Join a high seas adventure as Michael McNamara fights against pirates and learns about a conspiracy that will potentially harm thousands! A daring adventure that you will not be able to stop thinking about!Here is the link to buy:

More about Ian Nathaniel Cohen:

Ian Nathaniel Cohen

Ian Nathaniel Cohen is a native of Miami, Florida, where he grew up immersing himself in swashbuckler literature and film. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003 with a BA in Radio/Television Production and a Minor’s Certificate in Applied Computer Science. He also received his MA in Asian Studies from Florida International University in 2006, where he teaches the course Asia Through Film as an adjunct lecturer. In 2010, his essay “Heroes & Villains of the East”, analyzing the evolving depiction of the Japanese in Chinese and Hong Kong martial arts cinema, was published in FIU’s Japan Studies Journal. 

He also writes a review blog, the INCspotlight, focusing on classic films, comic books, and video games.

More information at this link here:

Leather and Lies 

By: Celeste Straub

Leather and Lies by [Straub, Celeste]

For twenty-four-year-old Skye Winters, criminal profiling is the perfect career: helping solve cases without all the emotional baggage. When her cousin, Kortney, becomes the latest in a string of young women to vanish, Skye’s professional and personal lives collide. Cue the nuclear mushroom cloud.

Amid the fallout, Skye meets Wes Carson, the mysterious and smart-mouthed new biker in her father’s motorcycle club. She tries to ignore their chemistry, even after accepting Wes’ aid in the search for Kort. Then one spontaneous afternoon takes them over the edge, forcing Skye to consider she might be in love. Too bad it’s with a liar.

Unraveling Wes’ lies leaves Skye ensnared in an FBI investigation, making her question her profiling skills and her heart. With Wes in danger, her affection overrules her caution with disastrous results. Will Skye survive to solve the case, save Kort, and still salvage a relationship with Wes?

A romance mixed in with a little thriller this will is a must read! Skye’s person and career lives will collide as she looks for her cousin and meets a man she will fall in love with. Come along for the ride as she searches for her family member, finds love and learns he isn’t what he seems. You will not want to put this one down!  Here is the link to buy:

More about Celeste Straub: 

Celeste Straub is a hopeless romantic who enjoys plotting the slightly sadistic journeys her characters go on before they 3nally reach their happily-ever-after. She enjoys a quiet country life in northeastern Pennsylvania, residing on a piece of the old family farm with her husband, son, and two cats. Writing as a hobby since childhood, Celeste spends her days as the grant writer and operations director for a local non-pro3t agency focusing on public health issues. When she’s not penning steamy romance scenes in her spare time, her interests include traveling, visiting amusement parks, collecting baseballs, hiking, and reading.

Patrick the Pit Bull

By: Cheri Carter 

Patrick the Pit Bull Paperback

Patrick the Pit Bull is a story of a journey taken by Patrick, a young pit bull, who is on one hand shown love, and then thrusted into a world he doesn’t understand. With his friend, Leo, to help guide him through tough times, Patrick keeps faith in heart that things will change for the good if he never loses that faith. 
Take a journey with Patrick, and see what becomes of him when he is shown a dark side, but wants only good. 
Will he be saved by grace in the end?

An adorable book for the children in your life. Follow along as enduring Patrick the pit bull and his friend Leo as they go on an adventure in a world they don’t understand! Your kids will love this book! Here is the link to buy:

Here is more about Cheri Carter: 

My name is Cheri Carter and I am passionate about pit bulls. This is my first children’s book and hopefully, more will be coming. Learn more here:

Depths of Universal Horizons 

By: Pejmon Javadi 

Hello everyone, my name is Pejmon Javadi.

I live in Greeley, Co and have lived here, since 1978. I have been interested in the field of Writing, for several years. I enjoy poets such as Emily Dickinson and William Blake. Shortly after I published my second book, I began to find the field of Greek Philosophy to be very fascinating. I have been studying small areas of this field, for some time, but this has been mainly on my own time. My plan is to pursue this field and to discover true depth of this Subject. I think Philosophy is very broad, and obviously quite Vast. I think it’s an area of Study, which must never be overlooked, in places of academics.

This book is right for you if you enjoy philosophy! It is a spiritual book bound to touch your soul. Here are the links to buy:

Bloodline Origins 

By: Luliana Foos 

Bloodline Origins by [Foos, Iuliana]

Determined to turn her fantasy into reality, Ana starts her journey to become a vampire. Along the way, she learns the truth about their secret society, discovers her prestigious bloodline, and falls in love.

Not all vampires are accepting of humans and war looms in the shadows. An ancient tome reveals the vampires’ alien descent and sparks war.

An army bent on eradicating her coven’s existence threatens her new world. Survival or annihilation will be in Ana’s hands. 

A romance that features vampires is always a must for romance readers, this one will captivate you long after you read it. Join Ana on her quest to be a vampire and finding love along the way! Here is the link to buy:

More about Luliana Foos

Iuliana Foos

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Iuliana Foos currently lives with her husband in San Antonio, Texas.
When she doesn’t daydream or write, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and playing online multi-player games, hoping one day to have a white sanded beach as her backyard.
Becoming a traditionally published author has been a life-long dream turned reality.

Space Buns Goes to Day Care (The Adventures of Space Buns

By: L.K. Wyman

Join us in Space Buns first adventure as we take a stroll to Day Care! Space Buns isn’t sure about this thing called Day Care that her mommy and daddy tell her about. New things make her a little uneasy, and she’s not sure of what to make of this day, but with your help reading her story, Space Buns may have a better time at Day Care after all! Watch Space Buns meet new faces, and challenge herself with new experiences. Maybe Day Care isn’t as bad as she first thought? 
The all new series, The Adventures of Space Buns, welcomes its first installment with Space Buns Goes to Day Care. A cute, fun story for all children who have ever experienced the feeling of going to a new school or day care for the first time – and parents usually don’t forget this experience either! Space Buns Goes to Day Care helps both children and parents cope through new adventures and transitional periods of life, while knowing that in the end, no matter how big or small we are, everything will work out in the end.

This is another children’s book that should be on your list to buy. Will Space Buns like daycare? You won’t know until you read this adorable book about a little girl who isn’t too sure herself! This is sure to become a favorite of the kinds in your family! Here is the link to buy: 

More about L. K. Wyman

L K Wyman

I was born June 15th, 1991 – I didn’t grow up in a fancy house, my family isn’t rich, and I wasn’t an avid reader when I started writing either. I grew up in a small po-dunk town called Apache Junction, smack-dab in front of the Superstition Mountains, in what feels like the heart of Arizona. But, let’s face it, everything feels that way because its 120 degrees no matter where you go in this state, and it was movies that inspired me, and eventually the writing/reading came later.

I’m a Gemini, for those who believe in horoscopes and signs, I dye my hair black because its one of my favorite colors and 99% of my tattoos are all literature based. Yes, I love them, and I plan on getting more. I also have a Dalmatian named Lucy; I had to have her since 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith is one of my favorite novels, and she’s my favorite pup, and yes – I’m a writer, which means I’m somewhat of a recluse, which means by law I’m required to have a cat. (Just kidding – we adopted her.) Her name is Mickie, and she’s a good lap warmer.

I’ve been writing since I was about 10 or 11 years old, and my favorite genre is fantasy. And not necessarily the fantasy with a modern-twist type; I’m talking more Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Old Fairy Tale dragons, knights, wars, type of fantasy. Though I imagine I’ll try to break into other genre’s at some point, I want to write with what I love, and what I’m good at – it’s the easiest way to keep your passion going.

I’ve been married to my husband Jeff since March 8th 2015, even though we’ve been together since we were 15, and we just had our first baby girl (Saraloni Louise Wyman) May 29th, 2017. In some of my blog posts, I will write be an open diary to her, and any future children we may have – I hope to turn mine and her father’s story into a book someday as a guide to life when we’re gone, and they need us to turn back to. They said if you’re married to a writer, you never truly die. Pieces of you live on forever between the words you put together. 

I still have a full-time job, I’m new to motherhood, trying to keep our house clean (which is practically impossible), I want to read to improve my craft, and I’m still trying to write a book at the same time. Hectic? I’m just as booked with activities as the next human being. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, and becoming a complete freelance writer doesn’t happen overnight. All works are progress; they take grit, time, and energy you don’t have. I want it though, and I’ll keep at it until it happens.

Vampire Kiss

By: Cynthia Martinez 

Vampire Kiss by [Martinez, Cynthia]

Some say that true love doesn’t exist anymore. Well, Draven and Marie finds out that love is more complicated than it seems. 

Marie is an average woman trying to get by in life until she meets Draven. A man that most women drool over. That all changes when Marie does not fall for the same sauve moves as the others. 

Draven has a secret darker than life it’s self. His mother disapproves of Marie but that doesn’t stop him from not being able to stay away from her. 

Join these two as they both tell their sides of the story. 

Can Draven and Marie be together even when his mother is against him? What is his secret? You will not be disappointed and will be wanting more from Cynthia Matinez when you finish this spellbinding book! Here are the links to buy:

Everything Makes Sense In The Land of Nonesense

By: David Conner

Everything Makes Sense In The Land Of Nonsense

Set in the land of nonsense where you can meet creatures we all dream about and learn life lessons throughout the book. This book was written for all the children and adults who have an imagination and are not scared to look outside the norm and believe that having a fantastic imagination is not a bad thing but one to embrace. 

For children and adults! If you love things that don’t fit into what the world thinks of as normal this book is for you! Learn lessons from creatures about life as you go along the journey this book takes you on! Here are the links to buy:

J.D. Norton Chronicles 

By: K. C. Brinson 

J.D. Norton Chronicles (Destiny)

The year is 2040 and the planet is in dire straits. All of the world’s nations have joined together to form into one world order. Three people in the World Organization hold absolute power, while corruption has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. 

It will take a group of three of history’s most brilliant minds accompanied by the leader of the Resistors, an underground Junkpunk civilization. The Resistors have survived persecution and now have a mission to reclaim their rightful place among civilization while saving humanity and the world in the process.

Join Lucille Calhoun, Lady Renee Grey, and J.D. Norton in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy adventure of time travel and World Order conspiracies. While working with the cooperation of the Gods of the Galaxy, they also find themselves working in subterfuge under the radar of the Gods in order to root out an evil entity in their midst.

Plunge into a new world! A world of Gods and conspiracies! Join our heroes as they try to reclaim their place in this world. Here is the link to buy:

Rise of the Phoenix

By: Linda Crate 

Jasper Flynn is just your average over-worked faerie from the land of Gildenshire doing her best to make ends meet, living with her four roommates and childhood friends: Jenetta, Setsuna, Johanna, and Leslie. She soon finds, however, that she is anything but ordinary and the daughter of a fairy king. What she never realized was that her life was about to go from mundane to thrilling in ten seconds flat.

Rise of the Phoenix is a fun read! Go along as Jasper Flynn she is taken on a journey she will never forget! This book is fast paced and thrilling! Here is the link to buy:

Fourteen Snakes 

By: Stacey Darlington

Is she a Goddess? Or a Monster?

It’s hard enough having fourteen snakes for hair, now Asudem has the frightening new ability to turn living things to stone with her eyes.

Orphaned at birth, Asudem sets out on a mission to seek her family history and find a way to stop her deadly new power. Along with her two best friends, Pretal the Lion Goddess and Drella the Goddess of Vanity, the trio travels the terrifying region of lower Olympus. There they must battle and outwit some of Greek mythologies most dangerous creatures.

In the end, will it be worth knowing the truth?

This book is a great read! Go with Asudem as she learns the truth about herself and her powers.What will she learn along the way? You will need to hurry and get this book to find out! Here is the link to buy:

All the information provided was by the authors themselves. If some have more info then others it was not by design or bias on my part, I shared what was provided to me. I think these book are all well worth the read and hope you will buy some! You will need to copy and paste the links (this is due to my blog being funky) but they all work. As an added bonus I ask that you please check out my book Areal available on the Breaking Rules publishing page as well as Amazon. Thank you for supporting these authors and others  in their careers! I promise none of these books will disappoint!